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UtilitiesThe Utilities Department is responsible for the water and wastewater infrastructure in Battleford. The amount of water treated by the water treatment plant ranges from almost 90,000m3 in the summer quarter to less than 60,000m3 in the winter quarter. Water is the Town's business and to assure you that it is safe, it is tested approximately 100 times per month. The wastewater lagoon is also tested weekly to ensure that the effluent is safe.
Water Treatment Plant
392 25th Street West
7:30am - 4:30pm
Utilities Manager - Aubrey Whittleton
Contact Us
(306) 937-6220
For all after hours water and sewer emergencies, please call (306) 937-6224.
Utility Billing
Utility bills include charges for water, sewer, waste management, recycling, and infrastructure. Bills are sent out on a quarterly basis every January, April, July, and October. However, prepayment is accepted at any time. Utility bills may be paid at the Town Hall or through online banking. There is also a Water Installments Payment Plan (WIPPS) available for those who wish to pay monthly. Utility Payment Options
To set up new services, please apply before the connection date.
If you have any questions regarding utility billing, please call Town Hall at (306) 937-6200.
A DRIPPING TAP (2 drips per second) CAN USE:
0.18 Gallons per hour
4.28 Gallons per day
130 Gallons per month
A LEAKY TAP (1/8" Stream) USES:
4.90 Gallons per Hour
117 Gallons per Day
3573 Gallons per Month
Between 0.5 to 1.5 Gallons per Minute
From 720 to 2160 Gallons per Day
21,900 to 65,700 Gallons per Month
262,800 to 788,400 Gallons per Year
There are 220 Gallons in 1 cubic meter.