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The Town of Battleford operates under a Council-Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) system of municipal government as outlined under The Municipalities Act. The CAO and staff oversee the management of all departments of the Town and implement the decisions of Council, its boards and commissions.
The Administrative Leadership Team includes the CAO, Finance Director/Deputy CAO, Director of Parks and Recreation, Public Works Manager, Utilities Manager, Community Planner, and the Public Safety Officer.
With the adoption in 2017 of Council’s Strategic Plan, Administration works to align the operating and capital budget with the priorities identified by Council according to their vision, mission, and values.
Administration is to support, advise and assist Council during their deliberations through the provision of timely apolitical information and advice.
Administration is responsible for implementing the budget, bylaws, and policies of Council.
The goal of Administration is to:
1. Deliver the right services at a level between what our residents expect and what is fiscally responsible;
2. Contain costs by demonstrating the value of tax payer money;
3. Sustainably maintain the Town’s infrastructure, preserve our quality of life, and encourage the economic success of our residents and businesses; and
4. Advance Council’s Strategic Plan.
Town of Battleford Staff

Chief Administrative Officer Landon Chambers
Finance Manager
Parks & Recreation Manager Jordan Schechtel
Utilities Manager Aubrey Whittleton
Public Works Manager Eric Bilanski
Public Safety Officer Ross MacAngus
Community Planner
Executive Assistant Noreen Hoffart
Fire Chief Larry Gabruch
 Organizational Chart