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Frequently Asked Questions 

Why was my garbage not picked-up?
1. Was not put out before 7:00 a.m.
2. Was not bagged
3. Did not have wheels to curb
4. Lid WAS open; it has to be completely closed
5. It was put out on the wrong day
6. Your container was picked, but the material was packed too tight and would not come out.
For more information please see Garbage Pick-Up Rules.

Why was my compost not picked-up?
1. Was not put out before 7:00 a.m.
2. Was bagged
3. Did not have wheels to curb
4. Lid WAS open; it has to be completely closed
5. It was put out on the wrong day
For more information please see Compost Pick-Up Rules.

Which day is my garbage pick-up?
Please see PUBLIC WORKS for a copy of the Garbage Pick-Up Schedule.

Will my garbage or compost schedule change?
Only on statutory holidays. Go to PUBLIC WORKS to get a print out of your garbage and compost schedule. It will show you which days your pick up will change.

How do I get a compost bin?
You come into the town office located at 91-24th St. and pay for a compost bin. The Compost container will be delivered to your house at the end of the week you paid in. If you pay on Friday, depending on how early you pay, it will be delivered that day or the following Friday. 

How do I get a blue recycling bin?
Please call Loraas Environmental at (306) 445-3900 for information concerning this.

When do utility bills come out?
Water Bills come out quarterly, January 31, April 30, July 31, and October 31.

What is a winter water run and why am I on it?
A winter water run is when you continually run a water tap at a light steady stream. This will ensure your water line does not freeze. You are most likely on it because your lines are in danger of freezing and the town is taking precautions to make sure that your lines will remain open. You water bill WILL be adjusted for the winter water run. The town workers must set up an appointment with you to begin the winter water run.  

Why is my utility bill so high?
The minimum utility bill for most residential properties is $267.00. If you suspect a leak we suggest you shut off all the taps and go to your water meter, if the dial is still moving, then you have a leak. Proceed to check all the taps, toilets, showers, etc. to find where it may be. If the dial does not move, ask yourself if you have a water softener. If the answer is yes, it might be cycling more than you have scheduled. If you have neither of these problems, then you are most likely using that amount. 
Helpful tip: Put food colouring in the top of your toilet, if it leaks into the toilet bowl then you have a leak. Sometimes the toilet is leaking so slowly that it does not register on the meter.

Why won't my online banking let me access my tax and utility payments?
If it is telling you that you do not have a long enough account number, simply put zero's in the front of your account number or behind your account. This should solve the problem, if it does not please contact your bank. 

Do you have WIPPS and TIPPS?
We do offer both WIPPS and TIPPS. The following links provide information and application forms for both programs:

Can I pre-pay taxes and utilities?
Yes! We accept post-dated cheques, online payments, cash, or debit.

I cannot make it into the Town to make payment before 4:30, how else can I pay?
We offer online payments or there is a drop-off box on the south side of the building where you can insert cash and cheques.

Do you accept credit cards?
We do not accept credit cards.

What are the tax discounts and penalties?
Click here to view the tax discounts and penalties.

When should I renew my pet license?
You are to renew your pet licenses every January of each new year, no matter what month you purchased it the previous year. 

Can I rent Tables or Chairs?
Tables and Chairs are no longer available to rent through the Town of Battleford. 

What are your hours of operation?
We are open Monday to Friday - 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. open through noon hour. We are closed on weekends and Stat. Holidays.

If I notice that a street light is out, who should I contact?
Please contact Sask Power at 1-888-757-6937 or go to their website at