Museum of Land Title Registry Office

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Land Titles (Registry) Office, located 2.4 km south of Battleford on Old Highway No. 4, is the first known and oldest standing brick building built in the Province.

Constructed in 1877, it served as the Land Titles Office, housing all land deeds in the area when Battleford was the capital of the Northwest Territories, until 1907.

Between the years of 1907 to 1917 it had been sold to Henry Felix Smart and used as a private residence.

In 1955 the residence had been sold to Clinton Greenwood.

It was designated a Provincial Heritage Property in 1983.

Land Surveyors MuseumThe Saskatchewan Land Surveyors Association is now operating a museum out of the building. Artifacts chosen for display include old survey equipment such as transits, tripods, and survey monuments. The museum is open to the public, please visit their website for days and hours of operation.