Mayor and Council

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 Council Group 2021
The Council of the Town of Battleford consists of one mayor and six councilors. Elected in 2020, these individuals will serve a four-year term.
Strategic Plan 
Learning from the past, growing for tomorrow.
  • Facilitating a safe, family friendly, and multicultural community.
  • Building an inclusive, diverse, and economically vibrant community.
  • The Town will be effective, efficient, and sensitive to community needs.
Strategic Priorities
  1. Safety: The Town of Battleford is a safe and friendly community addressing neighbourhood concerns.
  2. Sustainable Infrastructure: Ensure the Town's infrastructure is reliable and sustainable sustaining Battleford's quality of life, facilitating economic success, and remaining competitive.
  3. Organizational Effectiveness: Town elected and appointed officials are professional and knowledgeable who are trusted to be wise stewards of Town resources.
  4. Economic Development: To ensure the ongoing socio-economic vitality of Battleford.
  5. Quality of Life: The Town of Battleford facilitates opportunities for individuals and groups to be fulfilled.
To learn more about Council's Strategic Priorities please see the Battleford Strategic Plan.

Council's Governance Role
Vision: Council determines what Battleford is to be today and in the future.
Budget: Council allocates resources to achieve its vision and holds administration accountable for the achievement of Council’s vision.
Bylaws: Council uses bylaws to facilitate its vision.
Community Relations: Council is a link between residents and administration ensuring the right services are being delivered at a level of service between resident expectations and fiscal responsibility.
Inter-Governmental Relations: Council manages relations with other jurisdictions at all levels to achieve Council’s vision and support community goals.
Policies: Council uses policies to equip Administration to achieve Council’s vision.