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Town of Battleford

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Town of Battleford Crest
Box 40
Battleford, SK
S0M 0E0

Ph: (306) 937-6200
Fax: (306) 937-2450


Business Licenses

If you have a business or plan on doing business IN the Town of Battleford you are required to obtain a license at the Town Hall (91-24Th St W). 

Why should you open a business in the Town of Battleford?

The atmosphere in the Town of Battleford is very welcoming. The people are friendly and willing to support the local businesses of Battleford! The citizens in Battleford look forward to growth in the community, for them it means more possibilities of new and different stores opening throughout the Town.

Along with great, supporting citizens comes a clean and safe community. Battleford takes pride in our cleanliness and low crime rate. The town employees keep busy maintaining the streets, parks and walking trails. We strive to make Battleford one of the best towns to live and visit.

Still unsure about opening a business in Battleford? We also give you the opportunity to have a personalized business! We may be a smaller community, but with supporting and regular customers you can maintain a personalized business relationship with them. 

Think about the money!

Battleford is considered a "town", meaning lower costs, therefore it allows people to open a business with a smaller investment.  

For information on certain businesses in Battleford, please see our Business Directory.